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The history of Sedus: ‘Made in Germany’ since 1871

Sedus has existed as a company for more than 140 years. In 1871, Albert Stoll I., in partnership with partial owner Max Klock founded the “Stoll & Klock” chair factory in Waldshut. After the departure of Max Klock in 1879, the company was renamed to “Albert Stoll”. The company has a core set of values that they choose to stick to.

They have been leader in manufacturing ergonomic office chairs, office tables, and computer desks.

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The pioneer years

Even very early in the company’s history, they had many good things going for them. For one, their location in Waldshut offered an ideal environment for production. The most vital raw material for their production and manufacturing, beech wood, grows nearby in the Rhine Valley.
In 1856, Waldshut became a part of the railway network. This gave them an advantage in the way of shipping their products before there were faster, easier, and more efficient means of transportation.
The company has been a major pioneer in many aspects of the business. In 1925 the company produced the very first spring-mounted swivel chair in the entire continent of Europe. This was a major event in the furniture industry.

In 1971 Sedus set up a research and development department. The department has the largest test facility in the entirety of the industry.

In addition, in 1985, the Stoll VITA Foundation was founded for safeguarding company’s existence for the foreseeable future.
Since the founding of the company, Sedus products have always been labelled as being ‘made in Germany’ and unlike many other penny pinching company’s, they’ve never seen a reason to move production elsewhere to potentially save some money. Furthermore, the company was a trendsetter in the way of businesses focusing on sustainability in their products, not just for the sake of marketing.

Unlike other companies, who are just now hopping on the bandwagon, Sedus has been carefully harvesting and preserving their resources for half a century, and does not seem to want to stop this business model. Continuing with their trend of environmentally conscious business, in 1995, Sedus was the first European company in furnishing to use an environment management and environment-auditing system.
When Albert Stoll passed on at age 61 in 1897, he was succeeded by his wife, three daughters and young adolescent son, Albert Stoll II. His widow Bertha, began running the factory after her husband’s death, becoming a highly successful business owner in her own right, so much so that she earned the moniker of “chair maker”.

Sedus: modern modular office furniture

The company’s success continues into the new millennium. In 2012, a new production method for all furniture and table tops was introduced, precisely crafting chairs with the arrival of laser technology.

Recently, Sedus has been working with the Technical University of Munich, to create a new kinematic seat design for the swing up swivel chair. What would result would be a much more healthy and efficient way to sit because the design allows for a free range for movement. This chair adjusts to whoever is sitting in it.

Today, the company is working on devising new solutions. They are doing so together in partnership with over 74 countries across the globe. The company prides itself on fine products, and service, as well persistent dedication to the cause.
The company has won several prizes, for both their environmental work and their ergonomic office chairs, office tables, and computer desks. In 2012, Sedus was awarded the Umweltpreis für Unternehmen, or environment prize, for companies in Baden-Württemberg. They have also received over 30 other awards over the course of the last decade alone.


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