stainless c channel

Why Stainless Steel Channels are Popular

Stainless steel is a material that is used throughout the world for many different purposes. It is especially prevalent in the building and manufacturing industry where it is used daily.

Regular steel was used for many different things in the beginning but was found to rust easily. This not only reduced the lifespan of steel products but also caused safety problems such as structural damage in bridges. Numerous replacements were required because of the metal becoming brittle, which often caused physical injuries.


Throughout the years of 1821 to 1915, researchers worked on developing a steel that would not rust. It was in 1915 that the New York Times newspaper announced the development of a non-rusting steel in Sheffield, England. It was especially emphasized that this would be effective in producing cutlery. A 1929 trade journal referred to it as “unstainable steel”, which reverted into the term “stainless steel”.


There are numerous types of stainless steel depending on materials added in its construction. Currently, there are more than 150 different grades of stainless steel, depending on its construction, although the most used is reduced to 15 types. It is divided into types, microstructures, classes and various iron-based materials.


Thousands of items depend on this material for things that will not rust and can endure harsh treatment. Bridges, sculptures, monuments, airports, automobiles, rail cars, medical and dental instruments/equipment, culinary use, and jewelry are just a few. One excellent side of this material is that it can be recycled, which is excellent for our environment.

Today, the majority of materials used for manufacturing are made of stainless steel. It has become famous for its high quality and longevity.


Commonly used in construction and manufacturing, channels are a piece of flat steel with bent sides, which makes it look like a channel. Heavily used in construction, they are in high demand.

stainless c channel

They are popular with manufacturers, as they can be manufactured up to an excess of 24” and in various thicknesses. They can also be purchased in various grades of stainless steel with laser fused channels available.


There are thousands of ways steel channels are used in manufacturing and construction. These include things such as rims, frames and framing materials, sliders and tracks for doorways and openings, machines, furniture and many other items.

Manufacturers offer a wide variety of finishes, thicknesses, colors and other additions. They will also add things such as holes, unique designs and other variations as needed. Montanstahl is one of the well-known manufacturers offering a wide variety of steel channels. They also offer laser fused steel.

Laser fused steel channels are a popular option because it has a very small seam. This is greatly appreciated by builders and/or architects because it is hardly noticeable and does not detract from the overall appearance of the project’s construction.

Steel for channels comes in specific grades under the guide of SAE and AISI certification and is an excellent tool for manufacturing and construction.


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