MBA in Italy: 5 reasons to choose BBS

It is no wonder why students are seeking a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) in Italy with the country’s exquisite historic sites and events, along with winter sports such as skiing and snow boarding on the mountain sides of Italy.

Not to mention the breathtaking beaches to create quiet, peaceful moments when not studying for a test or quiz. In history, Italy has thirteen universities that began in medieval Europe, which was before Colonization of America, says Mario Villani, May 11, 2016. That being said, whether studying for a MBA or Master’s in Italy, students from around the world will experience great education based on one’s career goals that will stay with them throughout their professional career.bbs-bologna-business-school

Master’s in Italy

Students who are interested in studying for a Master’s degree in Italy will most definitely have the opportunity to attend a historic university of their choice, one of many in Italy. For example, when studying for a Master’s in Italy, the Bologna Business School’s (BBS’s) Global MBA program offers not only concentration specific courses, but also general management and internship or project work period programs. Students will have a choice to choose from six concentrations at BBS, which are:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods concentration
  • Food and Wine
  • Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses
  • Innovation Management/Mechanics & Automation
  • International Processed

“You will be able to build your professional path and turn your passions into a successful career. . .,” says Global MBA Director, Elisa Montaguti, on the website of BBS International business school.

International Business School

Bologna Business School (BBS), also well-known as the Business School of the University of Bologna, in the heart of Italy, is an international business school where students from around the world are taught courses in English. The school is also approved for the International program accreditation system (EFMD) of quality education in higher education by the European Foundation of Management Development (EPAS).

Students interested in an MBA in Italy, whether new to the business or returning to school to enhance skills, will learn modern business in their given field from management to accounting and finance, among other concentrations. With our fast changing economy, advances in technology and globalization, students will learn, understand, and apply global business practices that will help organizations sustain competitive advantage and growth.


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