stadium grandstand

Add a Grandstand to Your Next Event

When planning a celebratory or honorary event you may want to consider adding a grandstand to feature the people you wish to honor or celebrate. Whether this is a small or large gathering the advantage of a grandstand is that it designates an area that all attendees can view and witness the events planned. This is especially true for awards or graduation ceremonies. Many people may be seated in the foreground and have an opportunity to enjoy the presentation.

There are different types and sizes of grandstands depending on your needs. Consider the type of event and how many participants you will have. Design a process to conduct your event. If for example you are presenting awards to employees, you will want to have a grandstand with entrance and exit stairs. The weather of course should be a prime consideration. Will you need cover for shade or in case of rain? There are different designs and flooring and colors and set ups that can make your event attractive and easier to manage and produce.

stadium grandstand

One of the primary companies that design and provide these types of structures is Mario Orlando & Figli. They are renowned for providing the best materials and working with their clients to design and construct the best manufactured structures. Whether you are planning a sporting or even an entertainment event, they have the experience, tools and materials to bring your event to life. You can view many of their most popular ideas on their website.

A grandstand can be designed for a podium and presentations, for entertainment such as a band or musical setting or graduation ceremonies. Many people enjoy the idea of seeing their friends or loved ones receive their awards and accolades and this is a setting that allows the maximum opportunity for an audience to enjoy the event and to take photographs.

Mario Orlando is the leader in planning, constructing and providing stages and tribunes and other event materials for sale or rent. Check their website listed above and look through their gallery for samples of the many structures and ideas they have. You may find just the perfect design. If not, use their contact page and they will work with you to make your event a success. Safety and quality is their highest concern and their ability to work with their customers in a quick time frame makes them the market leader. Take the time to see what they have and how efficient and easy they are to work with. If your company hosts several events a year, it may be worthwhile to consider having them design a multi-use item that you can use over and over.
We wish you great success with your event and hope that it fulfills the dreams of all participants.


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